Mirror Trading International – MTI- Bot Trading

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Mirror Trading International is a South African company offering its users the potential of 10% growth on investment. They offer a bot trading system, which pools money together and trades on your behalf.

Please let us know if you have had any experience with MTI, have you made profit? Have you been able to withdraw your money? To those interested in sponsoring a Review video, please DM me on Instagram, @mrturner_

Biaheza Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/CurbFrontSkate

Passive Forex Solutions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bkp4k727v4o&t=348s

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Alexis Morales says:

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Marius Bosman says:

I have been with MTI for 6 mnths and I can tell you this crap that the FSCA and all these other sensationalist blogs and websites claim that MTI guarantee 10% per months is crap. They do real trading and not one day of trade is the same, in my 6 mnths I hade as little as -0.03% and as high as 0.8% per day. 2.1% a week down to 1.1% per week and I don't think I ever had 10% a month, normally aound 8% as low as 6%. This is daily compounding growth and you don't have to recruit a soul. I treat it like a business and therefore share the opportunity with others, My kids have their own accounts and have not recruited a single person and have almost doubled their investment(amount of bitcoins) and the dollar value have more than doubled, almost tripled. thanks to a bullish bitcoin cycle and the worldwide adoption of btc including giants like paypal. Referrals is an optional extra and does not get shuffled down anyone's throat. You can withdraw at anytime at 0.00 cost, you are in full control, I pay my rent and put food on the table thanks to my btc investment at MTI, when I withdraw 48h max and it's in my luno wallet, click sell and withdraw to my bank acc 24h to 48h later I can withdraw from ATM…thank you MTI no scam here, they more transparent than my bank. I don't know what happens to my money at my bank on a daily basis, and don't know if they trade with it or borrow it out and how much they make with my money, but at MTI I do know

Brunhilde du Toit says:


croakingembryo says:

MTI Management have just been raided. These criminals are going down. Get out while you can.

Keith Merlot says:

Withdraw while you can, as well as others you may have signed up in your team.
No trading is happening, this is a well organised ponzi scheme.
Members are already starting to have trouble withdrawing funds.

The founders have been involved in previous scams such as:
Kipi, Syntek, BTC Global, Vaultage Solutions, MMM, Copy profit success global

The main people behind Mirror Trading International:

Read the truth about the MTI scam:

FSCA Investigation – We recommend clients request refunds into their own accounts ASAP:


Hodl Hard says:

Unfortunately we spoke with a few people with money in the platform that were not able to withdraw https://youtu.be/cS14mgX05LQ

Williams Hand says:

Bitcoin is the future, Investing in it now will be the wisest thing to do especially with the current rise

Nicola Burgess says:

I have been with Mirror Trading Inernational for three months. I have been able to withdraw my initial investment so at the moment my compound interest is being traded. I am rather shocked at the growth and am now confident to add my family and friends.

Ron says:

Scam! 100% bullshit.

Rob Buser says:

Groovy ace…

moneymaker Trapman says:

And?? How is MTI doing for you?? I love it!! I make lots of money with MTI; with or without people; every wins in MTI!

Sean Swart says:

Dude u hilarious ! Good info, I'm currently looking into this company. Any additional info or research will be appreciated.

Callie van Huyssteen says:

There have been many bitcoin based scams like this in the past, this is not different from any of the others

Christo says:

Wasa wasa wasuuuuuuup!!! Bitconnneeeeecccttt *cough * m t iiiii.
If you don't get this, search bitconnect in YouTube. Find the dank memes. Then head of to reddit and read about people who have committed suicide. Decide for yourself if you feel okay about making money on the back of someone elses loss.

Sophie Lagacé says:

Mr Turner, you're funny. 🙂

joel malengela says:

People before you pass any judgment take the time to educate yourself don't be ignorant. Educate yourself on the subject great will pass you pass if you dont educate yourself. To learn more about MTI https://mymticlub.com/?referral=JoelM&place=auto

Dylan Coetzee says:

https://youtu.be/Eb9y1behb1Y . Please make another video and Search Cheri Ward, Johann Steynberg an Joel Santiago cause they been shady af

N Geldenhuys says:

Mate, this is a huge scam. Same as Crowd1.

Pieter La Grange says:

The amount of suckers falling for this ponzi is too great. Top binary earners are sitting at R750 000 per week. Earning from their down lines. Doing nothing anymore. And this makes sense how???

Angelique Abrahams says:

MrTurner. Did this end up working? 😕

Hoot 666 says:

Yeah this is not a scam…https://globalcrypto.tv/mirror-trading-international-mti-ordered-to-cease-and-desist-in-texas/. You can say that you dont live in Texas, but the law of finance is almost the same everywhere in the world my friend. MTI is a scam, mark my words.

Son Tran Quang says:

Your hair looks good:))

Jeandré Anderson says:

I invested 25k and I am happy great support great upgrades coming regulation issues being sorted great company MTI keep up the good work.

Shehnaz Ahmad says:

I done Herbalife I earned sooo much I bought unit cash. I still do over 10 years.

Sibusiso Nzimande says:

Drone footage was the best

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