CryptoPros ~ Day 14 review

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Crypto Pros Review | Day 2 | Purchasing more $2 Ad Packs

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Crypto Pros is a cryptocurrency advertising platform that offers valuable ad space to a global community of proven buyers.

The commission structure of Crypto Pros consists of two different 2×20 forced matrices.

The Bronze Matrix is text and banner ad product that allows customers to participate in a leveraged, re-entry, 100% matching bonus compensation plan.

The second revenue component is the Platinum (Login Ad) Matrix. This is a separate 2×20 matrix that pays a residual monthly commission. Entry is $50 one time and $25 is paid out instantly to the sponsor of the customer. The monthly subscription is a login in ad rotation service.

Bronze Advertising Matrix (Revenue Stream 1)
2×20 Forced Matrix
100% Match Bonus from Referrals
Product: one 14-day banner ad and text ad with unlimited impressions

Platinum Advertising Matrix (Revenue Stream 2)
Residual Income
$50 one-time purchase entry
Pays out a $25 direct referral bonus
$25 per month subscription
Top heavy commission structure (break even fast)
Products: Login Ads, Compound Monthly Ads (Text & Banners)

Features of the Crypto Pros Advertising Platform:
Buy products with Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum
Get paid commissions in Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ether
Daily commissions
Internal transfers
(PIF) Pay it Forward function
Active Support
Known Leadership

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