Weitere Empfehlung Die Platincoin https://platincoin.com/de/4660522637 Hier die Seiten LikesXL https://landingpage.likesxl.com/de/79336691 xPro/x12Coin https://www.xpro-service.com/lp/ref5ebe5353bb1414df97c49f7e4eb37f66d11659cb Finanzexperten auf der ganzen Welt sagen Altcoins- alternativen Kryptowährungen- eine blendende Zukunft voraus, da sie als alternative Zahlungsmittel bestens geeignet sind.
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Updates on Mondo Wallet, Mondo Coin, Mondo Shopping. Many new members joining our BCI community
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Mondo the 360° Digital Coin + eCommerce Ecosystem. Mondo Coin Security, Mondo Shopping, Mondo Architecture Affiliate plan Q&A
Important information on the transition from our LXL Cash and X12 coins into the new Mondo coin. Many questions are answered about all of our concerns and the future.
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How to exchange our coins. Update on the current situation and new Mondo coin.
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A brief overview on the functionality of the X12 Coin, explaining the problems it is solving in the crypto world and the benefits to businesses and non techy folk.
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Updates on LikesXL, Xpro, X12 and the new LXL Cash coin
News from LikesXL, Xpro, X12 and explaination how to use the Coindeal platform.
Latest updates on LikesXL and Xpro – Skywallet – March Incentive – X12 Merchants – LikesXL NEW First preview.
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