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Henri Nyakarundi is known in the business community for his unique solar product, the Shiriki Hub, from his company, ARED. It’s a portable kiosk available for lease that charges mobile devices, provides Wi-Fi, tops up [More]
Farrah Gray amassed an amazing amount of self made millions at such a young age (14 to be exact), and was able to use his money, and his brains to platform himself in multiple industries [More]
The Chairman and Managing Director of Mytrah Group, Vikram Kailas shares key tips that startups should look at before setting up a business in renewable energy sector.
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The best to learn is through the journey and experience of others. This entrepreneur’s very complex case is a great case study for all of us to learn how to raise funding and cash without [More]
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Tom believes that people with disabilities (or, rather difabilities, derived from the word “differences”) should have an opportunity to start their own business. In this talk, Tom shares his thoughts on how we, as a [More]
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15-year-old Ryan Kelly’s all-natural dog treat business began as a quest to bring his rescue pup, Barkley, a better dog biscuit. Visit http://harrytv.com for showtimes. Follow Harry on social: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/harryconnickjr Twitter: https://twitter.com/harryconnickjr Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/harryconnickjr
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Annette Perez is the owner of Loyal X Soul, an online boutique that was born out of a church fundraiser idea. She shares how God has expanded her territory and blessed her business.
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