XPR Proton | FATAL ERROR! Private Key Lost & Chart Update

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As Jose once said “I prefer not to speak”

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Mr. T says:

Simon firstly really sorry to hear about your misfortune. Let me go through a few things that I experienced. It's actually not a 12 word it's a private key. You can also back it up to icloud. Which I did. I also recently picked up a new phone and was able to sign into the wallet with the icloud backup. So the function does work.

After an update I did notice that life boat option and clicked on it. It said to contact customer support to get the code. So I contacted them figuring it was some cool new feature and they asked if I was having problems with the back up function. Which I wasn't but I guess that's what it's there for so that might bail you out?

piepersplaying says:

Dude, that suuucks… Hopefully you'll be able to recover your wallet with ease. Thanks for the video, as usual. Keep us updated on what happens with your wallet. People like me might be willing to buy a new Pebble Pal or send you a few xpr as a gift for all of your hard work making these videos 🙂 We all make mistakes. The key is learning from them along with true forgiveness of yourself and/or all others involved in the mistake or whatever.

WhalesOfWallStreet Channel says:

This is a dark purple day…

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