Will sea level rise drown our coastal cities?

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Sea level rise viewer (U.S. only, sorry international plan fans): https://coast.noaa.gov/slr/

Sea level rise could submerge land currently home to up to 760 million people worldwide if global temperatures rise 4 degrees celsius by the year 2100. So what are cities and city planners going to do to minimize the potential devastation?

Resources on this topic:

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“9 Popular Cities Losing War with Rising Seas”

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“Shanghai takes measures against rising sea levels”

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City Beautiful says:

Happy holidays everyone! Thanks for a great year!

Hans says:

00:08 I don't know exactly where you are standing, so you might be talking about the land sinking, but unless you are a small child, the sea level will not rise above your head. The worst of the worst predictions (RCP8.5 and 95th% highest scenario) gives sea level rise of 1.2m
https://www.ipcc.ch/site/assets/uploads/2018/02/WG1AR5_Chapter13_FINAL.pdf (figure 13.27 page 1204)

Skeep says:

I live in a high spot, so I'm safe I guess

Gregory Ferraro says:

Well, my house is definitely safe from sea level rise. I live in Denver. As mean sea level rises, though, we'll have to put a new Mile High marker on the Capitol building.

fowmart says:

a bit late, but carbon dioxide has an atmospheric residence time of 40 years, so if we'd stop emitting TODAY, it would be 2060 before it made a difference in the atmosphere. if we keep going, it doesn't look good for less-developed parts of the world.

Daniel Ferra says:

June 21 2020 Siberian Arctic 100F.
20 Feet Of Sea Level Rise In Greenland
200 Feet Of Sea Level Rise In Antarctica
Melting Calving Getting Ready To Collapse Today Tonight Tomorrow With In 36 Months

Antarctica Has Melted More In The Past 4 Years Than The Arctic Did In The Past 34 Years

Great Lakes Lake Levels Rising Because Of Record Rain An Greenland Melting

Last Time Parts Per Million Of Carbon Was Over 410PPM
Sea Level Was 130 Feet Higher Than Right Now
Carbon Is At 414PPM Right Now

Since 2005 Perma-Frost Methane Hydrates Mantle Methane From Isostatic Rebounding An Pingoes
Have Been Spewing Seeping An Venting Methane Natural Gas In The Arctic
Causing The Stratosphere A 65C. Temperature Rise An Getting Hotter Monthly

444 Nuclear Reactors
450 Nuclear Facilities
Over 250,000. Toxic Tons Of Radiated Nuclear Waste
Over 2,000 Nuclear Detonations
Over 20,000 Nuclear Weapons
Already One Fukushima

The Private Banking Families That Control The Globe come from the Vatican Switzerland Britain Spain France US Federal Reserve Bank an Israel

The IPPC Is Only Measuring Carbon As The Global Warming Gas
Methane Natural Gas Nitrous Oxide An Water Vapour
All More Potent Greenhouse Gases In Holding Heat Mass

Geological Realities
Add 2.0C. Methane Natural Gas
Add 2.0C. Nitrous Oxide
Add 2.0C. Water Vapour
Add 2.0C. Carbon
= 8.0C. Global Temperatures Rise Now
Fluctuating Off Of Greenlands Record Melts

Arctic No Longer Keeps The Northern Hemisphere Cool Cold Or In Freeze
Greenland Does Now Emanating A New Jet Stream

US Federal Reserve Bank Freedom Molecule Is Methane Natural Gas
To Continue The Military March To The Markets Spending Over 60 Cents Of Every Taxed Dollar On Globalization An Weapons Of Mass Destruction
Russia North Korea Syria Iran China Nicaragua Cuba and Venezuela
Are Not Controlled By The Western Colonistic Centralized Banks

They Have Been Bitch Slapping Home Globe In Warring Slavery Mineral Oil An Gas Extraction Territories
Causing Global Warming Deadly Extreme Weather Abrupt Climate Changing Sea Level Rising Over 220 Feet
Today Tonight Tomorrow With In 36 Months
In Their Executive Extinction Execution

Donkeyearsa says:

I'm not worried about sea levels as sea levels would have to rise hundreds of feet before my home would be threatened.

Mike Thomas says:

I won’t believe in global warming until banks stop giving mortgages for beach houses, beach front hotels, etc.

dexter111344 says:

Ignoring the problem is the cheapest solution. YOLO.

dlwatib says:

No, of course not. Mere millimeters per year (at max) aren't going to drown anyone or anything. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/columnists/christopherbooker/5067351/Rise-of-sea-levels-is-the-greatest-lie-ever-told.html

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