What is CashFX Group? I Tried The $300 Package

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CashFX is a program that pays you a small return on any pack you purchase until you get 200% on your package.

You can join here: https://jeremysteam.cashfxgroup.com
{Please always do your own research and due diligence before joining any program or opportunity }
CashFX group is considered a HYIP or high yield investment program that trades your money on the forex market. They collectively use the capital from all the users and pays small returns daily.

On average you can see about a 1% return from your investment inside the program.

If you’ve been looking at Cash FX hopefully this video gives you a good overview of what it is and how it works.

Please feel free to leave a comment for any questions regarding CashFX Group

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The Following Video Is Not Official Investment Advice.
Please do your own due diligence before investing in any program or investment. Please never invest more than you can afford to lose any and all investments have risk and you can lose your entire investment at any time.


Sam Bagley says:

Do you have an update video on the account?

Nieco Pama says:

Hi, I wanna ask if…what will happen if the Bear/Bull Capital will reach 200% and not be upgraded? It can be renew without depositing or that money will be vanished? I am new in cfx thats why i am still learning?

Fraser Johnson says:

Help me out here please:
On the face of it we have an MLM although without a product people can use (a tiny percent will even open a trading program, let alone actually trade) which is a ponzi/money scheme/aeroplane game from years ago.
If the traders make 5+% per week I would like to join them.
No interest is a money pyramid (once again, no product = money game). Would need to be very deluded (blinded by the money) to believe otherwise.

Jazzmann Funkie says:

Con company gives so little return always at 5.xx%
capital+ trade earnings return weekly,then by 200% must upgrade or repurchase,where is my capital? where is the percentage?

U guys are giving the initial investment in portions.
big time money laundering…

mark huizinga says:

The next big 2021 scam!!!, they are NOT even Regulated to handle your hard earned money!!. Their own government even warns NOT to invest in this Unregulated company in a recent press issue!!!!.

Jerry Joffer says:

My friend helps me.. he uses his generated income to help me up my packs. Im at 1k pack now from 300. Total investment 230eu.. now get 40$ evry saturday.. started in juli.. slow but steady.. low investment big opportunity

warrior 151 says:

When you upgrade to another packs, can you have two packs working for you at the same time I’m $300 I want to upgrade to $500 will the traders be working with both of my packs of I upgrade?

pa pa says:

just an update if you were google “cash fx Saskatchewan” ( my home province in Canada) it gives you all the info. Fraud alerts in Canada, Sweden Norway Panama and UK. And a number to call if you have been scammed.

Huascar Lopez says:

* Announcement * – on Sat 14 Feb 2021 we will be launching our own crypto currency (the “Huascar” – symbol HH$). Initially the Huascar (HH$) will be pegged to the US$ and then allowed to trade / float according to the market. From Sat 21 Feb 2021 all members will be paid out in Huascars (HH$) instead of Bitcoin. We expect the Huascar (HH$) to rise in a similar style to Bitcoin so members are encouraged to HODL their Huascars (HH$) (imagine the returns you are getting now being multiplied by 30,000!!). It is my vision, with the help of the CashFX community, that the Huascar (HH$) will surpass Bitcoin and eventually replace the US$ as the world's reserve currency. God bless.

Rethabile TDH says:

Is it a scanm

pa pa says:

So can someone please explain where you make the money? So I took a look at the Forex exchange, because I like to do a little research first. If an investor happened to pick everything correct, will never happen, ever ever. He would make an average of 8% per month, based on the information that is free for everyone to look at. Now how is it actually possible to be making 40-60% return weekly? Why is this company registered as a training company not a trading company? How come you cannot find any registered trading licenses anywhere on the planet earth with this company? Why would you ever need crypto to buy into a cash market? Easy because it’s what we call a ponzi. And to prove it I double dog dare anyone in here to try to get there money out of it. Lol

R says:

“I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and wouldn’t lose any voters, ok? It’s, like, incredible.” — Donald Trump.

“We could launch Copy Trading and show everyone 100% that we aren’t really trading and we wouldn’t lose any members, ok? It’s, like, incredible.” – Huascar Lopez

Marcus Andre says:

How much per week can you make on a 500$ package

Marcus Andre says:

What is the mininum you can make every week on a package of 300$

aina balogun says:

Can I start with 1k package or its a must to start with the 300 package? And when can one withdraw?

R says:

In Nov 2019 CashFX made a video showing them walking around an empty office. They said they bought the office for $2m and that everyone was welcome. Then in March 2020 they said an opening was imminent. Since then they have lied their asses off about why we can't see it (Panama closed its ports due to Covid!). If the office really exists why hasn't anyone seen a photo or video of it? Opening was "imminent" almost a year ago so where is it? At what point do we admit it was all a fake?

John Braman says:

did they stop people in US from investing? just tried and got this message.

We are currently not renewing or extending contracts for members from your country. You can continue to utilize your current pack and request payouts but will not be able to upgrade or renew when you cap.

DexCal says:

Pls Read about bitcoin in google

DexCal says:

I Joined cfx and I just realize that cash fx is a scam after I learned about Crypto currency a month ago. You dont need to invest in cfx to earn. Just hold your bitcoin in your wallet and you will earn 5 times more compared to cfx. I REGRET JOINING CFX.

ET 2020 says:

Yup easy ,profitable and its like plug and play program..fully automated trading and i love the copy trading too.

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