This is what sea level rise will do to coastal cities

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Sea level rise is already redrawing coastlines around the world. What happens when the coast retreats through a major city? We look at how the world map will change in the year 2100, and what coastal cities can do to defend themselves.

Correction: An early version of this video suggested that researchers expect to see four feet of sea level rise by the end of the century. While researchers do expect to see at least that level of sea level rise in the future, the exact timing is difficult to project. We regret the error.

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You can learn more about Surging Seas and check how sea level rise may affect you here:


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Verge Science says:

How else do you think life in coastal cities will have to change to cope with sea level rise?

Aaron Oneal says:

If you are looking for a way to help the environment you can use ecosia they are a search engine that plants trees and plants trees with their profits

Jacob DeWitt says:

I wonder if any oil executives will end up losing some coastal mansion to rising sea levels that were caused by burning things like oil.

Ark Type says:

I wonder why Obama and Gates bought million dollar mansions near the sea…

need2knowblue says:

The planet heats up and releases melt water into the ocean. If to much melt water gets into the ocean it could unbalance the transatlantic conveyor belt system which brings warm water to the top of the planet and could cause that flow of warm water to slow due to the way fresh water and salty water mixes. If that flow of warm water from the equator slows, this will cause global “cooling”. What’s going on is how the planet naturally cools itself off if it heats up to much. People put their interest, property value, over how the planet works. Can’t stop the planet. Need to change the cities. Necessary is the mother of invention.

Darren Rausch says:

If we all just built our own little houses and lived outside more this wouldn't even be a problem. Mother nature doesn't like big urban developments… and neither do i.

Burt Reynolds Senior says:

Well the earth has gone through this change many many times throughout its years. This is in no way directly related to modern man….. so Spending billions of dollars to try to save the city from not going underwater? The earth will move and it will continue to move. Nothing you can do to stop it you’re just wasting taxpayers money

Rylan says:

I would say I don’t care, but then citiots would become my problem

Scott Sasser says:

The water is raising becouse of the volcanos in Hawaii

Mario Cisneros says:

Cheaper in the long run to abandon these areas. Just look at Venice. The sea will never be stopped and spending would never end

billybobjohn roane says:

They've been saying this for 40 years.

M Hawkins says:

It's the Sun!

Human created global warming is a LIE!

The Great Flood was because of AXIAL ROTATION Speed deviation "magneto breaking" inside. Flow reversal, Crystal torqeing. OCEANIC INUNDATION OF ALL CONTINENTS.

PER~ from West to East. Last time, approximately 12 thousand years ago, the OCEANIC INUNDATION was East to West.

The earths electromagnetic field is "unofficially" in EXCURSION mode, moving 100x faster than previously thought possible. As well as what is now dual feild separation~ per NASA 8/18/2020. Cosmic Rays will rise further.
Carbon Dioxide is the product of CLIMATE CHANGE. Don't worry, cowf@rt§ don't warm Mars either.

It's a cycle. Each cycle ends with a micro nova outburst of our star.

This cycle is a 12k or so year magnetism reset.

Wake up. Our government is too afraid to say it. I am not afraid. Nor are countless brilliant minds of science, that live like starving artists, and are horribly harassed by corporate science Pygmalion SKECIES. I'm no college graduated scientist, doctor, nor accredited expert. However, I have put all the pieces of the most brilliant in systems sciences together. Those such as Dr Paul A LaViolette,
Douglas A Vogt,
Even Ben @ Suspicious Observers. There are many more. But it all seems to boil down to the same thing.

It's the Sun.

If only we could understand what our star, might be saying.
Not counting those of us, that are active children of the Sun.

All religions when compared to each. Lead to the same exact punchline!

John Riede says:

If your ice in your cup of soda melts does your cup overflow? It’s the same thing if ice sheets melt don’t believe these liars

G S says:

As you stated, these are guesses. “Might look different.” Not 100% full proof facts. I have no doubt that climate change is real. But many scientists have warned that while they make guesses, don’t take it as literal. It’s become more political and more about money than anything else. If we address it, those parts of the conversation need to be removed. Otherwise it’s ripe for political corruption.

the dude na says:

Re: There is no proof old photo was taken at high tide.

Calvin Porter says:

A bank would not give you a 25 year loan for a house on the beach if this held any truth..

Leland James says:

Fearmongering101 If the freezer is unplugged there is no way to turn it on again? Privilege People and their EGOs to think they can fix the planet. lol Luckily they were here for the last 4.2 Billion years or else the World wouldn't be here. Hey, Privilege People with huge EGOs how about fixing the things you can see like a Tornados? Meteors? Comets? Volcanos? Earthquakes? Seems to me like the Desert could use a little more water to turn into green oxygen-producing tropics. The one thing we know for a fact Activists are DO NOTHINGS. They could be out planting Trees to achieve the 1 Trillion Tree planting goal of the United States. What better thing can you do than to plant Trees?

Reverse Universe says:

Nobody will witness this anyhow

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