The Person Who Cut You Off In Traffic Is Right – Cheddar Explains

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Merging is every driver’s nightmare. Numerous studies have shown that the zipper merge is the most efficient way for drivers to merge and ensure less traffic. But is it possible in practice? Cheddar explains…

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Kimmy Knight says:


PeaceboneGotFound says:

THIS LITERALLY JUST HAPPENED TO ME AND IT'S WHY I LOOKED UP THIS VIDEO! I was merging and the other car zoomed forward to not let me in, but then the traffic was stopped so I inched forward, thinking she would let me go since the traffic was literally stopped and I was at the end of my lane so I had nowhere else to go and she inched forward again, almost hitting my car! I looked over my shoulder because I figured she was on autopilot or something and once we made eye contact I thought she would be like, "Oh, right, of course you need to get in!" and make space for me. Instead she was angrily mouthing out the word "NO!" But I was already basically half IN the lane! She insisted on going first, which meant that once the traffic flow started moving again, the person behind her had to completely stop in order to let me in, whereas I could have come in at low speed while the flow of traffic was slow if she had allowed ONE person to go in front of her.

Ryan S says:

It’s simple it’s called entitlement everyone’s got the mentality I’m driving here why should I have to let them in. I see this all the time

Fridden says:

I really don't understand people who try to cut you off from merging because somehow they think it will slow them down when really now allowing traffic to flow and a stead and consistent rate the person who isn't allowing people to merge are the ones slowing traffic.

Richard Thomas says:

I argue with my brother Hess late merger I get in early and hold the line not to let those late assholes in . But the long ramp will free up more traffic I can see his point.

Chinoto Vokro says:

I think the crucial part missing from the zipper merge is to have those in the closing lane follow someone in the merge-into lane instead of zooming ahead to close the gap. If there are missing teeth in a real zipper, it mostly zips in the same position.

David Cordell says:

Except its not one car at a time right goes by 3 cars pull in front of a car and 10 cars in front of a tractor trailer. It does not work .

Bill D says:

Then there's always the driver who assumes the job of blocking the merge lane.

Liquid Flames says:

Everyone saying this is not the same thing as being cut off are arguing semantics and missing the point of the video. It's fine. I call it being cut off also. You don't have to. That's also fine. Now, focus on the point of the video which is when to merge, not what it's called.

None of this matters, though, unless everyone knows and does it, which is to say: none of this matters. I'd rather not be perceived as an asshole than be the "well actually" person on the highway. Until it becomes the norm and the person trying to merge too soon is seen as the jerk, I won't be doing it.

UNSC011001 says:

This BS only works in a perfect scenario when everyone is on the same page, at the same speed, & with traffic flowing. You've got multiple lane crossing, brake-checking assholes that won't even use their blinkers, at least drive the speed limit, get passed in the left lane, turn their hazards on & come to a crawl when it rains, block an intersection in heavy traffic so it cannot flow the other way & all you zipper advocates are trying get them to do this too??

A single lane of traffic 3 miles long traveling 50-60mph of people already merged allows more vehicles to travel faster than 2 lanes 1 mile long jammed up because of people riding the ending lane all the way out forcing their way in.

Mike Hawk says:

The American mindset will never get this

neubro 144 says:

Like the traffic AI in Cities: Skylines. Vehicles always use only one lane creating traffic delaying commutes, shipments and services. Merge at the earliest possible until their destination. Relieving congestion is to use lane mathematics reducing lanes after ramps so the lane is not used for both exit and through traffic and the Traffic Manager mod controlling lane use and cheat making AI perform dynamic lane change.

Bij Dikh says:

Some lady was aggressively refusing to let me in. I started signaling to merge, and she sped up to not let me in. So I did what I always do. I just started slowly merging lmao, and I looked in my rear view mirror seeing this bratty girl throwing a temper tantrum flipping me off, and just clapping and yelling "good job!" over and over again lol.

VpY22 says:

Can't wait until all cars are automated. It'll eliminate traffic jams. The computer will perfectly calculate the right speed and time to merge.

Tim Bango says:

That's not considered gutting people off were I'm from.

Noone says:

Which merge lanes onto roads should be longer! SC lengthened some. Which the country had less people, less money decades ago when interstates were laid. So, how can having short merge lanes be justified?
Then most everyone has seen those who see others trying to merge on,so they speed up to close gaps between front vehicles, just acting like jackasses.
Then there are these that poke around, pacing their merge to coincide with oncoming traffic as if desiring to cause a wreck. Where bad thing is, they have the engines to accelerate, but refuse to use it. Then like the first experience I had the other day, sorry piece of trash poked around, but once on the interstate, the maggot gave it the gas and shot over all the lanes hauling butt. Simply trying to be a nuisance.
Here again,there are those with fast cars, where you signal to move over, start merging, they floor it, as if hoping to cause a crash or daring a driver. I've seen it too many times.
Who else is familiar with such aggressive acts on interstate and such?

Antphoneigh says:

2020 solution: Lets just have no cars on the road

totoseigh totoseigh says:

I think it makes sense letting 1 person ahead of you but then you got the genius 2-3 cars behind them seeing that car you let in front of you as an escort to allow them to also merge and then you gotta pick a fight with the next person to keep them behind you.

Arizona Sky says:

When the lane has stopped and the person cuts the entire line to skip to the stopped lane (at a stop light) its called cutting in line, and you're a jerk.

N DAVIES says:

There is a reason that the cones are gradually set out to end the shut lane , so that we can merge a d let the traffic flow . Not hard

tuks kano says:

I think the best way to describe a zipper merge is there is no lane with right-of-way so the two lane should enter the merge alternately. There is this idea that in a merge, the straight lane has the right-of-way that's why people think the cars at the other lane are cutting into their lane.

Jacob Miller says:

The people who run this channel clearly don't know jack shit about driving

Magnes Vestergaard says:

I will never 'zipper merge.' I will merge earlier and not let anyone in. It's the other guys fault for not paying attention.

Suitable Media - Ruben Rossvold says:

I had to google «what does cutting some off» to figure out this shit. Never heard of this in Europe

Hill Billy says:

Scientific bullshit…. this is dead wrong. Late mergers should be run off the road.

ThefrypodiPod says:

4:06 look, the cars past the merge are at a stop, so stop showing bs examples. Show the real thing or fuck off

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