The CEO’s of FutureNet Stephan Morgenstern & Roman Ziemian Are Trash, Total Scam – Ryan Conley

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Join the Official FutureNet Class Action Lawsuit Telegram Group here: If you have any more information that can help lead to the arrest of Stephan Morgenstern, Roman Ziemian, and Anna Piatkowska-Chmiel, please forward info to Ryan Conley’s contact info below.


Here is the information to file your complaint against FutureNet. I encourage you all to take 10 minutes to fill it out as well. Go to: Description of Incident:
FutureNet was an MLM business-based social media company was set up by two CEO’s Stephan Morgenstern & Roman Ziemian. It brought in over 4 million users who invested in it. The company was selling digital marketing tools, paid to advertise called “ad-packs” and cryptocurrency mining contracts of their digital currency they created called FuturoCoin. They have stolen the money from the users who purchased the mining contracts of their coin and also from the ad-packs.

Information About The Subject(s) Who Victimized You:
1. Stephan Morgenstern
FutureNet LLC
Abdulla AL Fahed-4,
Al Quisais second
Office No. 210
United Arab Emirates

2. Roman Ziemian
FutureNet LLC
Abdulla AL Fahed-4,
Al Quisais second
Office No. 210
United Arab Emirates

If you have any more information that can help lead to the arrest of Stephan Morgenstern, Roman Ziemian, and Anna Piatkowska-Chmiel, please forward info to Ryan Conley.

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Muhammad Mansha says:

They are scammers and fraudulent people.Be careful everyone.

Ryan Lie says:

bro u helped promoting their shit ur also an asshole doing that

Joe P says:

Yep 100% scammers and yet people are still been scammed . They should go to jail based on the original promise to the members not the updated version to scam people. Thieves

Christophe Leroy says:

I have lost a lot of money

at least 5500$

plus all my adpacks

370 packs for $50 and 100 for 10$ + two withdrawals haven't never been paid (110$ + 230$) + my balance 750$

I send an email every 7 days to the support but no answer

I have lost 4 years of work

all that money represents 24 000$

370 packs + 100 packs = 175/178$ per day
an email that I have written of my reality :

"Hello eveyone, 

1 – I have never received my 110$ on my coindeal account since June 06th, 2019. YES, since June 06th 2019. On my fap2 account, it marked finished on the status, but I have never received this money. I had contacted coindeal support and they can't answer me.

2 – I haven't received my 230$ on my coindeal account since February 07th, 2020. The fap2 status is still in waiting …

One day, you will must pay my money that I have earned by my work.

3 – I did not eat for 4 days, from May 1st to May 4th.

4 – I did not eat for 2 days, from June 1st to June 2nd,   

5 – Do you know my earnings since several months : I'm unemployed with 16.89€ per day (506.7€ on 30 days and 523.59€ per month on 31 days). You can consult the picture below

6 – From july 21th to 03rd of August 2020, I didn't eat for 4 days.

My life is a Nightmare due to FutureAdPro.  


This mail is the 22th mail.

Mable Phatudi says:

We have lost lots of money from this company please help us to bring ur money back

Mable Phatudi says:

Byrne can u contact us at


is anybody knows what we have to do in order to get our money back from the fraudsters

Albertina visserman says:

You are so right Ryan! It really sad all the people they scammed! Yesss karma is gone get them and I hope soon!

Vincent Thompson says:

Yup, they scammmed

Zuzana Brunova Banikova says:

Hello, my name is Zuzana and I would like to ask that how can I proceed regarding the acquisition of my investment, which I invested in the FutureAdPro system 3 years ago? I was looking at your e-mail and I don't know where and to whom I could turn with a complaint? Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Trường FTN says:

Hãy cùng nhau tổ Futurenet

Lifewave World Team says:

Longtime dead, shit CEO

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