SofTradeAi 🚫 SCAM 🚫 ❌Do Not Invest❌

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🚫 SoftradeAi has stopped Paying. Do Not Invest! 🚫

❌ SoftradeAi is now a complete scam. They didn’t open withdrawals on March 25. But they had announced that they will issue refund to all investors on April 5 (Which they didn’t).

❌ The Real Name of the fake CEO might be Marco Stavic. Source:

➡️ SoftradeAI is a HYIP (High-yield Investment Program). HYIPs may offer attractive high yield interest schemes. Yet, they are risky. You are fully responsible for your actions, so join any program at your own risk.

💹 Never be the First one, neither the Last one to join in these projects!

⚠ Remember that, I am not your financial advisor. Please do your own due diligence on any program before you join. You are solely responsible for all your actions.


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Jhay Palileo says:

Im keen in this investment and im under with you Team Crypto Twist, im excited to see my investment growing in Softradeai.
Thanks to Sir Ryan Baines for this great investment platform.

Crypto Investor says:

Made a $500 deposit through your link. Trusting on you.

A.J. Kibria says:

This project is real? I will invest.

Crypto Twist YT says:

Nice review. This website seems promising. I am really interested!

Music says:

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