Sea Wolves – Rolex Sydney Hobart 2021 (pre-race) report – Course and Tactics for the real + VR race!

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Ahoy Wolves, With only slightly more than 24 hours to go until the start of the 2021 Rolex Sydney Hobart race, It’s time to take a more in-depth look at the course, and some possible tactical choices you might want to consider during the different phases of the course, and of-course we also take a look at the current weather predictions and what it might mean for the race!

Also, It looks like Florian will be competing in the VR regatta of the Sydney Hobart, more info on how to find him in the field during the race will be on the show.

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Andy Wylie says:

Seawolves! It's good to be back on the waves!

Greg Knipe says:

coffee toast here from montana. cheers florian.

James Aron says:

You know your paleogeography. Impressive. Merry Christmas!

whiffletreesheepdogs says:

As far as I know VR takes no account the current.

Bruce Mitchell says:

It's been so interesting watching your analysis of the great Vendee' race a few months ago. I continue to follow this channel and do the best I can as a land-locked fellow–BUT ONE OF THESE DAYS! Lol, love the boats, the technology, the amazing skill set and courage–really inspiring, no matter what your craft! I'v noticed you, too, have advanced your own knowledge and wisdom as a sailor. Bravo, and Merry Christmas! from deep in the heart of Texas.

michael seldon says:

thank u for the video and good luck on the virtual race

Reload 'n Charge! says:

Good show! Very informative…..going to be a great day tomorrow! Thx, Merry Christmas…..a few boaty toys?. Andrew

kraken Dateb says:

is there an official discord server for the seawolves ?

William & Sheryl hooper says:

Thanks for the analysis. Going to be a tough race with the strong southerly. Note for the start they actually put the fastest boats on the furthest forward start line and the slowest on the last start so that the fast boats don’t need to go through the slower boats. Not enough room on Sydney harbour for that to happen! They have various different offset marks as the boats leave the harbour and turn south, depending on which start line is used, so that the distance sailed equalises the staggered start line.

richard burton says:

Laughed so much at the flaming goblet of wine motif! Perhaps it should be, “Welcome to the Dark Side”.

devzer0 says:

I can’t wake up at 5AM!!! Merry Xmas! You should fly to SF to cover SailGP final & WASZP Americas regatta

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