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The basic ideas and philosophy behind Mirror Trading International

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BIYOGHO Eugene says:

hi – my account is suspended – please i need help

Bonita Read says:

LOL!!!!! Cheri : the SCAMMER!!!!! YOU HAVE HURT THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE WORLDWIDE! WITHOUT A CONCIENCE! Go to prison so you can stop hurting innocent people!

Lorraine Hodge says:

Take down this site. People please do yr due diligence. MTI has been placed under provisional liquidation at end Dec 2020. Google this and see for yrself.

Henyba says:

We have three accounts in the family we are unable to make any transaction for more than a week now. Such as my friend from Brasil. And top of that my father deposited 0.32 BTC to his Binance account which was sent to his Income Wallet – that's what showed up in the Transfer History – but the available balance is zero. So literally the 0.32 amount of BTC disappeared. My mother is also unable to deposit BTC to her Binance wallet, such as me. The full website was on hold for many days and was announced that it's gonna be moved to a new server. Not just need a new server but a total re-design and re-creation. The system is childish.

Lauretta Anekwe says:

If you would like to invest in MTI, kindly send me a WhatsApp message on +2348033373380.
Thank you.

Angelo Lopez says:

MTI Mirror trading International

Isaiah Ogba says:

If you need help in funding or registering in Mti, send a reply

Christopher Mcleod says:

Hi. Please instruct me how to withdraw my balance from my trading account with MTI.

Francois C says:

Lets see how many investors actually get their stated investments back now that the local regulator has published its stern warning regarding MTI. Good luck guys…

Sarah Paulus says:

Is there a way of doing MTI to MTI btc transfers

Lily Caramel says:

Link for your webinars please

Nick Jervis says:

Should say and watch your Bitcoin go! lol

Sarah Paulus says:

Does this include referrals?

Johnie watts says:

There will a webinar on sat, 12:00 noon
I will send link late.

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