Mirror Trading International: I'm done!

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In this video we wrap up our investigation into MTI. With live trading proof, confirmation from the broker, an interview with the CEO… How much deeper can we go. My experience with the company so far has been exceptional and at 98000+ members and a trading pool of 11500 BTC, this company has no plans of slowing down!

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Crypto Analyzer video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ksq7Uarxq8w&t=82s
Interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8k7d129Y-40


Phyllis Goodrich says:

Thank you for your in depth perspective…much appreciated!

Francois Oberholster says:

Great stuff thanks for taking time to produce this material for us guys that are new to cripto and trading… Once again great job

Rudie Swanepoel says:

If I am not mistaken, info mostly copied from https://youtu.be/ksq7Uarxq8w It is then confirmed that MTI is a legal platform and business

Crypto Stacks 369 says:

Fantastic perspectives here bro! MTI is looking stronger than ever. Super happy be part of this journey!

James May says:

at roughly 1% PER DAY if they kept all the profits for themselves they could turn R500 000 into R18 704 670
after a year… Why go through the mission of setting up a whole affiliate structure and being accused of being a scam and having to manage members, regulators (in multiple countries) and manage the media stories? Over the last 200 days (their "we've traded at 1% over the last 200 days") R500 000 would become R3 621 791
with a daily income of R32 000.

James May says:

"Think about the broker as a CASINO"… HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
You did that on purpose didn't you?

James May says:

Come spill it… Who are they trading with… If it's all about transparency there should be no issue in showing us a complete list of account numbers and who the broker is.

Onthatile Mogashoa says:

Regulation doesn't mean anything. Regulated companies also go bankrupt and are no less riskier than unregulated.

Leonard Kinlocke says:

Lol I almost had an heart attack

Pierre van den Berg says:

I am a happy MTI affiliate and I would like to know who the presenter of this video is as he has not introduce himself and what is his background?

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