Mirror Trading International – Adapting to Change

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Mirror Trading International – Adapting to Change

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MTI have been in the news recently and had the attention of regulatory bodies like the SEC. In this video I discuss some of the changes MTI is implementing as part of that process.

If you want to join Mirror Trading, I would appreciate it if you used my link below, thank you:

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There are 6 platforms that I currently recommend for serious investment, in my opinion, these are LOW risk:

[1] Finiko are licensed, which is very rare for Crypto companies. They pay around 21% per month, but be aware of the fees and long capital withdrawal period.
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[2] Mirror Trading International – we have a transparent CEO, evidence of trading, withdraw your capital at any time. No fees.
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[3] Mind Capital launched on the 11th January 2020. They are a Spanish company, headed up by a national celebrity. They generate their profits from a combination of Arbitrage and Forex. Contributions are locked for 90 days. Monthly profits are in the region of 18%.
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[4] CashFX started in July 2019, but had their official launch on 8th November 2019. They have done things right from the beginning. They have a strong legal team to prepare them for future regulation. Their marketing and software is managed by Ron Pope – a man of high integrity, who has been friends with the CEO of CashFX for 9 years.
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[5] TorqueBOT started in October 2019, but this product has been in use for nearly 3 years. The company behind TorqueBot are Snap-Innovations. Their CEO is very transparent. My sponsor has videos of his visit to their offices in Singapore. We have evidence of the traders trading and the bot at work. TorqueBot is in use by many of the e-wallet companies in the crypto industry.
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Review: https://youtu.be/YGC3zeDxcy4

[6] Passive Expert launched in March 2020. They operate a distributed portfolio fund management system that is very low risk.
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Summary of key points: https://www.cryptoanalyzer.uk/passive-expert/
Review: https://youtu.be/0ABKwGKYCXs


Crypto Analyzer says:

If you want to join Mirror Trading, I would appreciate it if you used my link below, thank you:


Summary of key points: https://www.cryptoanalyzer.uk/mirror-trading/

hayderluk says:

Could you please tell me if trading with Cryptocurrency is like a CFDs or different? Which brokers they’re working with right now?

Mike says:

Have you seen an increase in the weekly profits if they are now trading 24HR/7d instead of 5d a week ?

Samuel Okeniyan says:

Hi Gary
I hope that you will have another video after the first week of trade on the Crypto space.

Hannes Taljaard says:

Hi, Gary, I agree with Jaco – Does any of you have experience with Nibrofunds as an investment opportunity?

Tim Anslow says:

Fantastic, informative video as always , keep doing what your doing ! You’ve helped guide me through many investments !

Eyal Freedman says:

Hey gary! Thanks for the video. I joined mti under your link finally! I wanted to ask what are the best wallets to use? To buy btc, and to transfer the btc to the bank. Thank you!

fridah matlala says:

Sir i want to thank you so much…im actually just sign up and I came across lots of negative reviews fsca and i must tell this has helped me a lot and the team im about to build..God bless

Nico Arnold says:

Maybe I am repeating what has been said here but the FSCA and SARS are not happy with people having an extra income that they have no control over and could potentially loose tax from. The FSCA specifically is against MTI for no legal reason but a vendetta to stop MTI and the people that make money outside of the normal institutions.

Abasi Amin says:

Hello there. I live in the US & the SEC has not issued a "cease and desist" order against MTI. The Texas State Securities Board did. This means that MTI is free 2 operate in the other 49 States, at least 4 now. The problem with the US is that a company has 2 seek a license from all 50 States, and maybe also from the SEC, which is the national regulatory agency. This is the main reason crypto companies hate doing biz in the US. I wish we had just 1 regulatory agency like SA. Also, even if MTI does manage 2 obtain a license in SA they could still face adverse legal action here if they don't block US residents. Texas & North Carolina r the most aggressive so they should have a good run if they block residents from those states. NY is also pretty bad but it probably won't bother MTI unless its residents start complaining.

Voetsak says:

Thank you Gary . Explosive Presentation, . Meeting with the devil and taking a knife to the gunfight takes big balls . On the dollar it states ….. In god we trust ? In MTI we say …..in Johan we trust .

J E says:

Maybe I'm playing devil's advocate here, but the function of the FSCA is not to protect the interests of financial institutions or their "own industry", but to protect the interests of customers and members of those institutions by ensuring that those institutions conduct their business with integrity and within the regulatory framework. Furthermore, the FSCA not only regulates banks, but also other institutions like insurers, retirement funds and administrators (https://www.fsca.co.za/Pages/Vision-and-Mission.aspx).
Having said that, I'm not saying that MTI is not above board or not trying to act in the best interests of its customers (based on your video and what I've read, it's appears that they are open and transparent with the FSCA).
However, knowing how a free market economy works, once you have one company that has a "winning formula", before long you have another 10 companies offering the same products and/or services and they might not necessarily be acting with the same level of integrity as MTI. Should any of those other companies take people's money and "disappear over the hills", what recourse do you have?
Hence, why this probably has to be regulated in some way or another, not only to protect the customer, but also to potentially protect MTI's own reputation.

Buks Wessels says:

2 Days Later and the Fsca have retracted their press release ????

The Residual Master says:

Couldnt agree more with your perception on the smear campaign. It happens all the time.

Karl Smit says:

Screw The FSCA. Their only objective is for people to stay in debt. The FSCA together with the global banking sector is and always have been a disgrace

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