Mind Capital – Results after 1 month (English)

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Mind Capital – Results after 1 month (English)

I have finished my first full month with Mind Capital. Let me share with you what percentage profits I have been receiving.

If you wish to join Mind Capital, I would appreciate it if you joined using my link:

Any Crypto platform is risky, so please manage your risk and be patient. Build your wealth steadily over time, and only invest what you can afford to lose.

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There are 7 platforms that I currently recommend for serious investment, these are LOW risk:
[1] Mirror Trading International – we have a transparent CEO, evidence of trading, withdraw your capital at any time. No fees.
Signup link: https://www.signupnow.at/mirror
Summary of key points: https://www.cryptoanalyzer.uk/mirror-trading/
Review: https://youtu.be/nS14uu1zVz8

[2] Mind Capital launched on the 11th January 2020. They are a Spanish company, headed up by a national celebrity. They generate their profits from a combination of Arbitrage and Forex. Contributions are locked for 90 days. Monthly profits are in the region of 18%.
Signup link: https://signupnow.at/mc
Summary of key points: https://www.cryptoanalyzer.uk/mind-capital/
Review: https://youtu.be/O0ruBIRiCzY

[3] MPT “My Passive Trades” – their CEO is open and transparent. They have a sustainable model with verifiable proof of trading.
Signup link: https://tiny.cc/MyPassiveTrades (Click on the blue Register icon on the top right)
Summary of key points: https://www.cryptoanalyzer.uk/my-passive-trades/
Review: https://youtu.be/VqztipWU1Bw
Eureka Exchange: https://tiny.cc/eurekacoin

[4] CashFX started in July 2019, but had their official launch on 8th November 2019. They have done things right from the beginning. They have a strong legal team to prepare them for future regulation. Their marketing and software is managed by Ron Pope – a man of high integrity, who has been friends with the CEO of CashFX for 9 years.
Signup link: https://CryptoAnalyzer.cashfxgroup.com
Summary of key points: https://www.cryptoanalyzer.uk/cashfxgroup/
Review: https://youtu.be/zUr_maHnCTc

[5] Arbistar has great transparency. Based in Europe, we can visit their offices, talk to the CEO.
Signup link: https://tiny.cc/arbistar
Summary of key points: https://www.cryptoanalyzer.uk/arbistar/
Review: https://youtu.be/4LQfQK2cL6g

[6] TorqueBOT started in October 2019, but this product has been in use for nearly 3 years. The company behind TorqueBot are Snap-Innovations. Their CEO is very transparent. My sponsor has videos of his visit to their offices in Singapore. We have evidence of the traders trading and the bot at work. TorqueBot is in use by many of the e-wallet companies in the crypto industry.
Signup link: https://signupnow.at/torque
Summary of key points: https://www.cryptoanalyzer.uk/torquebot/
Review: https://youtu.be/YGC3zeDxcy4

[7] Up2Give is a unique model where we get to give to others, and receive in return.
Signup link: https://signupnow.at/up2give
Summary of key points: https://www.cryptoanalyzer.uk/up2give/
Review: https://youtu.be/whybvXqbIQw


Crypto Analyzer says:

If you wish to join Mind Capital, I would appreciate it if you joined using my link:


Summary of key points: https://www.cryptoanalyzer.uk/mind-capital/

Dekel says:

Hi, thanks for the video! You have great explanations.
I have a question please: let's assume I've invested a certain amount of money, those 90 days have passed and I have some profit. From what I understand, when I'll withdraw that profit it will be in BTC, to a wallet of my choice. But how do I convert it to actual money that I would see as a positive income in my bank account? Will I need to sell it by myself? Is there a website you recommend to use for such an action?

workfreedom says:

Website still down…..

Claudio Alej says:

Many thanks for sharing this video, when you have time take a look on https://softradeai.com/.. Regards !

Darren Sparks says:

what happens after the 90 days? can the money stay in there and keep earning but you can draw it out whenever you want. or do you have to reinvest so its locked in for another 90 days?

Mr_Mystery says:

Will we get a 3 to 5 years update soon?

Vtec Vtec says:

Website not working..

Crypto Kid says:

Excellent reliable review per usual, i hope later you can also make a video on the figures and profits made with compounding, if you're planning on it (like the one about mpt)

who cares says:

there is also a 3% withdrawal fee that you should factor in the net.

totally crypto says:

lets check this baby out

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