Lydia – Unlimited Life (FutureNet song) [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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“Unlimited Life” is a brand new, energetic and catchy song by FutureNet & Lydia Bratzke.
It tells a story about breaking up with the unsatisfactory past and turning point, which is joining to FutureNet. Can you imagine the life with unlimited possibilities, reaching the stars and making your dreams come true?
Yes, that’s right – you can do it with FutureNet!
Title: Unlimited Life
Song: Lydia Bratzke
Lyrics: Lydia Bratzke
Music: Lydia Bratzke/Marek Dziedzic
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Could you imagine that there is something better than this
How could you believe it
That life is what it is

What if
We have nothing to lose
Just the torture to choose
The choice to do your own thing
What if
Nothing could stop us
Nothing could hold us
Up from believing in our dreams
In our dreams

[chorus] x2

FutureNet unlimited life
We are changing people’s life
From rags to riches
We run the business
We show the world what’s going on!

Hey! Hey! Show the world what’s going on!
Hey! Hey! Show the world what’s going on!

Could you imagine
That no risk nor fun is not only a lifestyle
It could be the path of your life
Just a hint to the highlife
With hard work we can make it
We will reach the glowing – stars
Altogether – hand in hand
Altogether – hand in hand

[chorus] x2 …

[in background]

Hey! Hey! Show the world what’s going on!

we will make it all together
Future net rise up
We can make it all together
We can reach the stars

[chorus] x2 ..


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