Is Mirror Trading International a scam?

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Let’s put the questions to bed with actual FACTS 🖤
We’ve taken the time to conduct an in-depth review on Mirror Trading International to ascertain if it is indeed a pyramid scheme (as detractors have claimed) or a legitimate business.


Jarryd Brown says:

Then why promote referrals. This is the basis on why people see it as a pyramid/ponzi. As soon as its seen you can earn 'more' by bringing on new members tends to make anyone think its a ponzi. MTI should scrap the referral and purely show its all done using bots to trade.

Francois C says:

Oh dear Cheri Ward/Gray – feeling a little sheepish making these assurances given what the Financial Services Conduct Authority has just come out and stated about MTI? R500 says you run for cover and take your videos down within a week… to be honest I truly believe they should fine and charge you personally for telling people that this/any investment is suitable without you having done the personalised prerequisite suitability checks (which, yes, is a legal requirement – so good luck). Network marketing is not illegal, you are quite right, but giving financial advice around any investment product without having done suitability assessments is illegal. You have repeatedly told folks publicly that "this is a great investment and suitable for everyone".

Callie van Huyssteen says:

There have been many of these trading bot things in the past, people loose big money on these scams

Drago Boskovic says:

Someone hacked my MTI account and stole my 300$ worth of bitcoins. I sent few emails to and didn't received any response about that…there is also no live chat support on their website ? Unortunatelly my account wasn't protected with 2FA at this time but the MTI system was failed because it wasn't able to detect location of withdrawals…what should I do in this case where is help from your MTI company miss ???

Jeremy Dwyer says:

Great video and content Cheri. Shame you have to respond to such uneducated keyboard warriors most of which have no real profiles and make wild defamatory personal statements that are based on Google searches. Like you have said, there is plenty of information now publicly available to verify the MTI business model and service. It's easy for anyone to do sufficient due diligence to be able to make an informed decision. An uneducated or misinformed persons opinion is not worth much in this world.

Luka Epstein says:

Power! This really helped me clear up some concepts and set things straight, thank you Cheri!

Demi Sanya says:

Great information. Thank you. I really respect this company

Gazes Also says:

A quick search on Cheri Ward revealed this:

CryptoVision Monitor says:

Are you from South Africa

matthew haygood says:

Great video, you definitely know what your talking about girl!!! Do you offer mentoring???

Bradley Mifsud says:

What about Ponzi scheme?

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