Is HempWorx A Scam? Watch This Before Signing Up!

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Is HempWorx a Scam? Hi There, this is Roopesh From Passive Income for All.
Is HempWorx the right business opportunity for you?
This video is my review of HempWorx. To check out my blog review, click on the link below,

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Getting back to this video. I discuss what HempWorx is all about.It’s a MLM(multi-level marketing business) Then I look at whether or not the products are legal.

Are the HempWorx products expensive? Let me share with you what I found out in this respect.
Can You make money with HempWorx? Have you heard the line,”99% of people fail at MLM’s”

I then outline the PROS and CONS of the HempWorx Business opportunity. Finally, I end of by giving my opinion, on whether or not HempWorx is a scam.

I hope that you enjoy my HempWorx video review.
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All the best and Take Care
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Maritza & the VanCuties says:

This was very informative and helpful, thank you!

Char Char says:

Now what's the catch for this guys trying to do a review on HEMPWORX? Why do people try to down companies to get someone to their sites. Hempworx is an affiliate marketing company that sell CBD Oils and offer you an opportunity to become a distributor. You can just be a customer and if the products doesn't work you got a 30 day money back guarantee. You can make money if you share and market. You don't need someone else review to help you make your own decision. All he's doing is trying to get someone to his website. Unless he is or has been an affiliate he just have an opinion.

Tim says:

It's a pyramid scheme. Save yourself the time and effort. Your not going to get rich. When you sign up for an affiliate, you have to buy bottles to stay active. So basically, you are a customer yourself. You don't even get a discount, how can you make a profit? You can't. You make money from recruiting other affiliates under you. Good luck.

Passive Income For All says:

hi Yesenia
thanks so very much for your comment.

Yesenia Arucha says:

You are wrong we don't make money on just recruting. I only have customers not affiliates under me and I get paid. People actually join because they see that the product works. I have Complex Regional Pain syndrome and Hempworx cbd oil saved my life. 4 years of pain are now gone. I'm not recruting at all just selling the product and it's working for me.

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