In the instance of Mirror Trading International's liquidation, there was a big surprise

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The final liquidation hearing for the failed get-rich-quick scheme Mirror Trading International has been postponed until June 15, 2021…

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A&G B says:

Unfortunately, corruption and greed is everywhere, and especially where we talk about values such as MTI and FMG. Thanks CP

Asteria Designs Channel says:

How can investors get a share on that 1 billion

Asteria Designs Channel says:

Are we gonna get our money back

ToughDelta says:

Thanks for the update!! Why are they changing so many times the court date?! Is it good or bad you think?

Terecia Immanuel says:

how can we now that this marketing company are legit

A&G B says:

Hi CP, I like the materials you prepare and post, and the information clarifies some doubts for me. Do you have any information about Finalmente? Or is everything still in the fog, or as some of the investors say "it's a pit from which nothing will come out"? Thank you, respectfully, Adrian

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