I Invested $5,000 In Fundrise And Here's What Happened (18 Month Update)

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I started investing in Fundrise back in June of 2018. Here I am 18 months later with over $5,000 invested in the Balanced Investing Plan. In this video, I will be updating you with my returns and my overall experience with Fundrise.

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Ryan Scribner says:

After getting a ton of requests, here is an update on my Fundrise portfolio! I will be funding this with $2,000 per month going forward.
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Sign up for Fundrise here: https://ryanoscribner.com/fundrise

Tucker White says:

can someone please help me, i recently invested in diversyfund but when I looked it up on Facebook and there are a lot of fake profile people giving reviews can someone explain this to me? Because I'm a little scared about that

Gary Eckel says:

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Comion says:

Can you review Cadence?

Levi Landon says:

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Joseph Broach says:

I'm torn between Fundrise and Diversyfund. any knowledge with Diversyfund?

Kevin Hunter says:

Is it worth it to invest in fundraise

maxjoey sirrock says:

Yes please yes please do one

P B says:

I only trust people that are not dressed in suit when explaining. Suits sell courses and dreams. So thanks for this video :thumbsup

Thanh Huu Vu says:

Thanks for sharing this Ryan. Just watching your video and reading a bit more about fundrise, it sounds like it operates very similar like Acorn (for stock & bond) where you choose your portfolio and the money invested go to different projects picked by Fundrise?? Would love to see your quarterly update. Thank you for putting this together.

Moneyking Kevo says:

I invested 500 dollars in real estate with Diversyfund they reinvest the dividends for me and told me i wont make a big profit from it until the properties is sold in 4 or 5 years…im glad i got started tho

Raychelle Fuller says:

So can you cash out on dividends?

XRParadise says:

what is the complexity of your k-1s received for these investments? Tax accountant here, just curious.

Natalie Hinnes says:

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Buck Weet says:

Personal finance education should be a requirement in high school.

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