Four Corners Alliance Compensation Plan

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Only $28 One Time Fee/Investment [No Monthly Fees]

For a One Time Investment you will receive your own:
FREE Retail Center
FREE Company Replicated Website
FREE Business Management Centre

To maximize the income from our Four Corners Alliance Group Compensation Plan, we are using a 4 x 6 matrix. The company pays out an unbelievable 86% back to members in commissions.

Another powerful and unique feature of the Four Corners Alliance Group Compensation Plan is our education credits system. For commission earnings from downline members you did not sponsor, your commissions are paid into your education credits account to help you purchase your next Financial Education product set.

You can earn Four Streams of Income.
1. Sales Commissions
2. Instant Commissions
3. Team Sponsor Commissions
4. Retail Commissions

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Instant Downloadable Financial EBOOKS and Business Opportunity .

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