Fantasy Music for Inspiration – Coastal Village

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The storm had passed,
Ithya was back on the road, leaving the quiet village of Lissos behind her…


🎨 Art and Animation by Blue Turtle:

🎵 Tracks List:

00:00 Never Forgotten – Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen
02:28 Governor Of The North – Jo Wandrini
05:22 The Traveller – Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen
08:21 Across Land and Sea – Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen
11:05 The Lonely Sailor – Adriel Fair
13:58 The Wisdom Of Trees – Yonder Dale
16:28 Maps – August Wilhelmsson
19:47 A Letter from the Caspian Sea – Daniel Kaede
22:39 For the Weary – Bonnie Grace
25:17 Contrarium – Ever So Blue
27:32 Neptune – Bonnie Grace
31:00 The New World – Dream Cave
34:34 We Are Here Now – August Wilhelmsson
36:50 Valiant – Dream Cave
39:14 Run with Your Heart – Dream Cave
41:44 Findings – August Wilhelmsson
45:14 In Plain Sight – August Wilhelmsson
48:38 Sealed Letters – August Wilhelmsson
51:58 We Will Survive – August Wilhelmsson
54:51 Walk Tall – Johannes Bornlof

🎹 Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen
🎹 Jo Wandrini
🎹 Adriel Fair
🎹 Yonder Dale
🎹 August Wilhelmsson
🎹 Daniel Kaede
🎹 Bonnie Grace
🎹 Ever So Blue
🎹 Dream Cave
🎹 August Wilhelmsson
🎹 Johannes Bornlof

All Music and sounds are Licensed for YouTube with Epidemic Sound
and or with their author’s permission.


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AthenaParthenos says:

I don't know if anyone here has ever heard of or played the Stronghold games by Firefly Studios but this music reminds me of the ambient instrumental music that would play, especially the harp tracks. I spent many hours as a kid peacefully building castles and defending my keep from wolves to music like this.

Keerthi Vasan says:

Your music is amazing… It makes me so calm and composed… Can you pls reduce the ambience sound next time when posting… Thank you…

Safi says:

POV: You're running a Ghosts of Saltmarsh game and this pops up in your recommended now you use some of the songs as ambience and also just listen while you work bc WOW

MiniEndive says:

Amazing like always !

JoeZiggy says:

The music is great until In a campaign you get a YouTube ad during a heartfelt moment with the party

Zach Dunlap says:

Whoaaaa cool animation

Halonerdful says:

Using this to make towns in townscaper.

Mercury says:

The vocal accents in For The Weary kept giving me such strange familiar vibes I had to turn off the video and wrack my brain for a few minutes- and I thought of the connection I was trying to make! It reminds me an awful lot of the vocalizations in Hozier's 'In The Woods Somewhere'; something about that particular musical device really scratches an itch in my brain. Love it.

Robert Smith says:

I love this so much.

Viní Ibrahim says:

37:00 Isn't that coffin-guys meme song?

Irene smilekg says:

Doing architectural plans while listening to this makes me so much more creative! Thanks, this is an amazing playlist!!

Joan Redondo says:

I agree with most comments, this playlist is just fantastic and a great source of inspiration!

Cláudio Costa says:

This is so amazing…

Amy Pan says:

the animation is my favorite part

Edward Kenway says:

13:58 This music is familiar to me. Then I realized that the winter wonderland ambiance has the same thing.

Astronimation says:

Your art, music, animation style and taste are all incredible. You deserve way more views and recognition. Please keep it up! Your channel is a huge inspiration to me

DocSw33tz says:

Hey would it be okay if i used your sound tracks for my Twitch Dnd group?

Svejo Baron says:

Ahh yesterday my first pnp character died (to a baby Kraken) and I sat there after our session for at least half an hour listening to this and read my journals I wrote for our adventures. That was so much harder to stomache than I though…

my character started as a simple marine infantary man and worked its way up to navigator and during our adventures he became more and more like a scholar drew maps wrote jounrnals, talked to new cultures… I even planed to that this campaing should be his last, so he can go back to his loved ones who only saw him only one time a year if their where lucky…

Kyung Shotwell says:

Oh I love this one!!! Beautiful work!!!

The Kefa says:

Lol, the Dream Cave track by Valiant sounds like the Coffin dance song xD

András Bakos says:

I am three songs in and loving it! Keep up the great work, remote work has never been so much fun! Your taste in music is impeccable!

Kazik Majster says:

No way I'm listening to this it's way too nostalgic!

Katie Glauber says:

2:40 hits like music from Narnia and I'm loving it

OKAL Sophie says:

Thank you this is perfect for work

Wacharis says:

Mother! I have returned! Mother…?

OlgaTheHandmaiden says:

Lost someone dear to me two days ago. Trying to work and putting this on. In the ancient Orthodox faith the departure of the soul is a journey into everlasting repose, Paradise awaits… but it's a scary journey full of a danger, and hope. This music helps me remember he is not gone, and that, we'll see each other again. Memory eternal, Bob.

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