D&D Ambience – Coastal Town

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The taste of salt in the air was overpowered by the smell of roasted meats and ale. The coastal gangs were always more dangerous than the landlocked ones.
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Bartek Kubica says:

Your characters see an old, smelly, little boat. From tar patched stern hangs a sign saying "Deep Sea Fishing- 10 pieces of Gold". Ominous atmosphere hangs above you, even seagulls dont fly and beg around you. You know what to do this weekend- moisty wooden deck bridge creeks under your feet…

Lilly says:

I love listening to these when writing. I have to have background noise and music is to distracting. These are perfect for really immersing myself into the scene. Sometimes I forget its not real

Eric Hanson says:

Who else came here specifically for Ghosts of Saltmarsh?

YH says:

This one it’s my favorite study music

Laniakea2203 says:

Anybody else hear that farting noise every couple of minutes?

K says:

i like it!! thank you.

The Geek Monster says:

I love the "Trader Joe's" sign! 😀
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Jasper Ferini says:

The first picture looks like a medieval times swuare

Mikael Olsson says:

This channel is amazing! Perfect music for my new campaign that starts in a port town!

Audial Architect says:

Is it alright with you if I use this in my comic dub?

Rogue Unit says:

I love how many different Oceanside ambiance’s you have, they’re all so well done and add so much to the experience.

Jebidiah Callaway says:

Man, trader Joe's is everywhere these days

GorrilaJohnson says:

I can't believe there's a Trader Joe's

Fikash says:

This channel is just wonderful. These soundscapes are great not only for the game atmosphere itself, but inspiration while creating them. Can't thank you enough!

Lucas Falk says:

Awesome as always!

menslady125 says:

I feel like some roasted seafood! Anyone else?

Athur Dent says:

Oh yes it comes in very handy that you add another seaside one. Thanks once again!

Lynthia Laufeyson says:

Oh hell yeah, another video. Amazing sounds and art as always
Can't wait for the next one 🙂

Nathan Schneider says:

Exactly what I needed for this weekend ! Thank you very much!

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