Cashfx Review 2020 – Is This Platform A Scam?

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This is my initial Cashfx review video. I’ve heard about this platform from a lot of people. Whilst a lot of them seem very excited about it, others are saying it’s nothing more than a ponzi scam. So which is it?

In this video I explain that I have recently joined the platform and there are a few things that really concern me about it (see below). I will be doing a much more detailed review of Cashfx Group in due course, but for now please take note of some of the red flags I discuss in this video so you can perhaps determine for yourself it’s a scam or legit.

The website is Cashfx Group is this –

Cashfx review – Is This Platform A Scam?
Some of the serious conerns I have about this platform (that I cover in this review video) are;
It is banned in the USA
They are registered as a training company when clearing they are trading for people.
The trading profits seem unrealistically high. It’s exceedingly difficult to make this level of returns in forex trading
Their MLM compensation plan is incredibly genrous, to the point of seeming unsustainable.
There doesn’t seem to be any kind of verified trading history (myfxbook etc)

If my research shows that the platform is legit then I will explain how I overcame all of these concerns in my next review video. However, it could all be just a scam and in which case I would be equally honest about why I came to this conclusion.

Please stay tuned for the next cashfx review video in due course…….


Nikola Culafic says:

Hello. i don't understand english sorry you. whether Cashfx is scam or legit

Austin O'Keeffe says:

Why did you throw £250 into an obvious scam if you consider it dodgy with many red flags? Maybe you have money to burn. 5% per week has nothing to do with trading but all to do with recruiting. No licence to trade in Europe USA and most countries. A training platform where you don't need to be trained if they were supposed to trading for you. But of course they are not. Another scam that is careful to extend the life of the pyramid scheme, but should be banned everywhere. Preying by deceiving. It also will give people the impression when it closes that genuine Network Marketing companies with REAL products and real benefits for your money, could be similar to this scam.

Rocquestar says:

I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to log into my account but I am receiving the following message:

"Your password has expired, we have just sent you a password reset link to your email address. Please check your email and follow the password reset instructions."

No reset link has been sent to my email address even though I have tried on numerous occasions.

I have written to support about five times already over the past few weeks but with no response.
My $500 investment is now locked into a platform that I have no access to and nobody is getting back to me. Looks like my money is lost.

Intense Investor says:

When you look at the bonus structure you really have to break it down like this: When you sign up for any package you pay 30% so that goes to fast start and uni-level bonuses. So that money covers that. When you withdraw the 20% covers the other bonuses (matrix/multilevel). None of this is tied into the trading bonus which is totally separate and is bear capital only if you just stay a bear. Now if they didn't take the widthdraw fee or didn't take the fee when you bought your trading package then it could cause some kind of collapse but the way this is set up is actually pretty good. So when they take that 20% from your withdraw its going to other members above you or else there would be no other way to pay it. Its an ecosystem or sorts.

Intikhab Azam Randhawa says:

Sir please give your honest reviews about Stocksons

Jhan0 Star says:

Its totally ligit and transparent.

Jhan0 Star says:

Im with cashfx. So far so good.

Marion Manning says:

I realize you have to try to find the "bad" in some platforms. Everything I have seen, people I have talked to feel this will be sustainable for the long term and the future vision of the company. There are many new happy members joining every day. They have been around now for over a year. No one has to join if they don't like. CFX doesn't need them. Im set and will be with them and so many others to. Have a good day.

Istvan Orban says:

Most cryptos and plarforms can be called scams:) CashFX does what it says. U will be getting about 6% weekly, forget 15%. I joined 1 year ago, they started 14 months ago. I did 5x so far. I give anyone more inside info and strategies if anyone signs up with my link 3 guys got Porsches so far bcos they built a huge network, ferrari or lambo will take many years for a few top people. At start MLM goes 4 level down, not 10. Commissions from level 1: 16.5%, from level 2 to 4: 1.5% and we pay it to each other not the company. U need to grow your network to unlock more levels, not easy. Their broker is legit. We know the names and faces of the leaders, traders, brokers. They have been on youtube in the past and now. In USA u need to use vpn to sign up, it works fine, no KYC yet. Everybody got paid all the time so far, no complications. This structure is the only way to run a global commission based FX site. Btc helps to avoid those stupid government regulations. They are more transparent than any other similar sites in the past. They may fail at some point in the future like any robot but its not a scam. Anyone can visit them in their Panama office and see how they trade, not all trading is done by algos. Anyone can run a scam site with much less efforts. Why would they put in so much into it if it is a scam? Btc dropped almost 50% in March in 48 hours, they would have been wiped out if this is a ponzi pyramid. We all got paid out. And they will teach u everything about Forex trading.

Intense Investor says:

This came out yesterday from EverFX about transparency, regulations, etc….

LiveYourBestLife says:

Stop using the word SCAM when talking about CFX you way too late..I have been with CFX for 11 months…. Geeze man…15 months in and stronger than ever ! CFX is built and still being built on a real company infrastructure with the added mlm component. Google Ron Pope or look at my channel to see who he is and legit….he has built 22 companies including Fortune 500 ones and all successful….Look at all the videos on my channel theres everything you need to know to believe its real. Even interviews with the CEO,Head of Corporate Team and The CFX Broker. I am certain when you watch all my vids you'll put more then then minimum. Have a great day.

Tarek Lazkani says:

Thank you, looking forward to your full review on CashFx.

Phil Agnes says:

Always like your analysis.

Errol Azavedo says:

Highly appreciate Johnathan's advice. His sincere and genuine. Thank you Johnathan.

Samurai Wizard says:

Jonathan, How do I communicate with you?
Q. Have you had any experience with any of the trade signals on Just curious? Thank you in advance.

Amin zakeer says:

Thanks for the great video ,
When are you planning to review more robots plz?

Lex van Heel says:

Your videos are a gift for anyone who wishes to trade responsibly on the Forex. I feel a lot of gratitude for the service you provide. I will stay clear from this one! Thanks again.

Toro-obong Udoh says:

Thank you very much…

stephen Shanyurai says:

These guys have been around for almost a year now. Am planning to join them some time soon.lot of people have made money with this programme.

Billy Rauhuff says:

I love CashFX. They have been going strong since July, 2019.

Gabe says:

Great work Jon, i will make sure to watch from the sidelines on this one!

Shastri Jaikaran says:

Thank goodness you made this video…I was about to join this company.. I'll wait like you said. thanks again.

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