Cash FX Review & Scam Warning!

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Maddy R says:

Today CryptoMuscle has announced he has lost confidence in CashFX and will not be upgrading. CryptoMama and CryptoDyce followed. Not looking good for the survival of CashFX. Many key promoters abandoning the platform.

Lucas Maciek says:

4:22 is when the video starts

Uyi James omo says:

What is your opinion about Qubittech!?

Global Financial Crisis Part 2 says:

Do your links send us to your own affiliate website? I'm just curious because every time I see a scam warning…they say "But if your looking for a real way to make money…click here".

Dan DaMaster says:


R says:

CashFX site maintenance?

Ken Wilson says:

Thanks for the information Jon !

Sarah Humphreys says:

So which Forex companies do you endorse? Or that you would recommend? And is there any training?

Yvonne Waatsveen says:

Great video! Good for everyone to get a warning about the Ponzi scam that Cash Fx is. Keep up the good work 🙂

Huascar Lopez says:

You need to let everyone know – investing in our company is for entertainment purposes only – our members should only invest what they want to lose.

Huascar Lopez says:

Thanks for your review and opinions. I think maybe you have been drinking too much English tea and scones. The people don’t know what to believe online is real or not. But let me tell something to you – CashFx is a real, legacy company. There have been reports of a fake Huascar spreading rumours that CashFX is about to launch a crypto currency (the Huascar which is divided into 100 Edwins). This is not true. Also, although we can’t confirm it, we don’t think that Luigi Bruni is in jail either (some people think he should be). Anyway, god bless and thank you again. You are entitled to your opinions.

Amin zakeer says:

Wow i never trusted them but i didn't know they are sharing such a terrible results and people still believe in them.

Fiona Adams says:

Also the trades in the cop trading are still in beta testing. You can decide on a platform while they are testing something. They are different trades to cfx. Once it is released as a full product that is different. I definitely do not think CFX is a SCAM. They are worked years to bring this platform ti people. The owners are already multimillionaires. NOT scammers. That is a very harsh..sensational and inappropriate term just to get you tube views.

Fiona Adams says:

As far as risk goes we have to write risk disclaimers on every single thing. I hear some of your points but I REALLY REALLY wish you would get you FACTS straight. They are about to launch the academy program soon and will be leading just with that. Arrgghh.

Fiona Adams says:

I don't like when you say..'I'm in CFX ..and I have lost lots of money (in similar programs). Also they are just beta testing the copy trading. It is different trading program and quite difficult to do. I have a friend doing it and she is super happy with her copy trading results.

Darkspace says:

this guy is not serious..

Fiona Adams says:

I don't think you should be projecting with scare mongering. I have taken my initial funds out and more. I've been living off CFX. I agree people should be careful.

Fiona Adams says:

Your information is biased and incorrect. Sorry. Forex can bring in quite high % a day. So what are you selling?

Fiona Adams says:

There are videos with the traders at the Panama event!! And many videos with the EverFx traders and their connection with CFX.

Fiona Adams says:

I have seem heaps of videos showing the relationship with EverFx!!!

Lukez Channel says:

I learnt myself trading slowly , blown 1 account almost lol, FYI cash fx didn’t train me

Lukez Channel says:

I see it in a different light, you buy in with bitcoin they pay out in USD, crypto will always go up so there in a position to stay stable I’m also in cubittech but now I invest in EA bots and manual trading

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