A British man's vacation in China's coastal city of Qingdao

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Laid-back beach, delicious cuisine… A British man has been holidaying in east China’s coastal city Qingdao. See what he has found out about the city. #GLOBALink


Queenie w says:

Welcome to my hometown Qing Dao

Ximing Hu says:

Mr. Pea? bro of Mr. Bean?

winston kam says:

The fish does look delicious! What kind of fish was that, Mr. Pea? And please don't say 'sweet and sour'…!


Have an nice vacation… We Chinese welcome warmly ❤️❤️❤️

Calvin Kong says:

Last time mr pea lockdown in wuhan but today mr pea enjoying the freedom of his sacrified

Qiao Wang says:

someone get him a fresh mask! He has been having difficulty holding his mask to his face.

Mega Fan 11 says:

This man is living legend.

White Power says:

Copycat as chines products. No good.

pineapplesareyummy says:

Right now, few people know about Mr Pea. My bet is that if he ever gets popular enough online, Rowan Atkinson is going to sue him for copyright infringement.

Chapi Esteros says:

Lol, Mr. Pea is a lot like Mr. Bean,

spade 1 says:

you do look a bit like MR.BEAN

Kanha Kannan says:

This proves if you have deep pockets, you can make Britain your bitch.

Daniel Duesentrieb says:

And what about the BEER?

M Gray says:

Chinese think this is Mr Bean because they can't tell white people apart.

Johnlim40 says:

Thanks Man…

WolfSpeed77 says:

I want mr bean not him!!

Yellow Bhee says:

Great showing , thanks so much

Strong Challenger says:

Welcome back to China, Nigel! Perhaps, he should get in touch with Jerry Goodge who lives in Qingdao.

Yaur Yaur says:

Lots of respect for Mr Bean. He's way more talented than Rowan Atkinson.

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